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David Bever offers 4-hour Studio Lighting photography workshop Sunday May 21st.

David Bever of dB L.A. Photo in Temecula CA is offering a 4-hour Studio Lighting Workshop in cooperation with The Creative Photo Academy at Paul’s Photo ( The workshop, designed for those desiring to learn about portraiture lighting in a studio setting, is applicable to all levels of photographers – beginner to advanced. The workshop includes two studio setups, two professional models and covers all every aspect of studio lighting from how to use studio strobes, light modifiers (umbrellas, reflectors, soft boxes, etc), backgrounds to lighting techniques such as Rembrandt, broad and short lighting, along with how to pose your subjects.

Workshop is limited to ten participants. Sign up NOW at

Any Temecula photographers interested in this style workshop being offered in Temecula, should contact David Bever directly at 310-697-9509 or

David Bever is a nationally recognized Certified Professional Photographer professional located in Temecula CA.

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