dB L.A. Photo awarded Architectural Photography Contract in Temecula

David Bever at dB L.A. Photo has been awarded an architectural photography contract from renowned architect Stephen Sigler of Axis 3 Architects in Temecula CA. The home was designed by Stephen and his son Jason Sigler and sits prominently on a hill top in Hemet CA. The home was built by contractor Stu McIntosh.

All images shot with a NIKON D5, 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, 24mm tilt shift lens, or DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Architect: Stephen Sigler and Jason Sigler

Contractor: Stu McIntosh

David Bever is a Certified Professional Photographer, and FAA Certified UAS (Drone) pilot, located in Temecula CA, specializing in Real Estate, Architectural, and New Construction Photography.